St. Bernard Bible Study

Starting August 29th "A Biblical Walk Through the Mass"

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The Great Adventure Bible Study is a combination of Bible study and learning the Catholic faith.  

The Bible Study program is typically every other week in the fall and consists of three parts:  

(1) Opening Program -  (announcements, prayer, etc.).

(2) Discussion Groups  - Discussion of study questions in the lesson for the week where each member  prepares their lessons by answering the questions at home prior to attending the class.  Discussion of the study questions focuses on the meaning of words, phrases, and paragraphs in the various verses.  Each group (10-12 ) is facilitated by Group Leaders who help the group stay focused on the study questions.

(3) Lecture - A DVD lecture is presented the last 30 minutes to provide the participants with a summary to clarify their understanding of scripture and to enrich the experience.

Last Fall's Program:  Mary, A Biblical Walk with the Blessed Mother

In Mary, you will:

  • See what life was like for Mary, and experience what she felt at each dramatic moment in Scripture.
  • Visit the grotto of Mary's home in Nazareth, the cave where Christ was born in Bethlehem, the site of Our Lord's victory on the Cross, and other rarely seen places in the Holy Land.
  • See the significance of Mary as you explore the Biblical roots of our beliefs about her.
  • Deepen your devotion to Mary as you discover our Blessed Mother in a uniquely personal way.
  • Be drawn closer to Christ as Mary leads you to a more profound and personal relationship with her Son.

...and much more!

Testimonials from St. Bernard Bible Study participants:

"I learned a lot but not all that the course offers. In other words there is still more to learn.  The more one learns the more one knows that they do not 'know'.  There is always something more to learn.  In the discussions that the group had, more attitudes and thoughts were shared and because it was a group of thoughtful people we learned more and got to know each other better."  

" I know very little about the Bible and this proved to be a "non-threatening" way to learn more."  

"Learning so much Biblical History has been exciting."  

"You meet some very nice people and get to know parishioners."  

"I learned so much this year and felt my faith has grown to a new level."  

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For more information or questions, please contact 

Pat Kenny